About Atomik tv.

Atomik tv Karaoke Player - Now with background Music Player, is a free media player designed by Atomik Disco, Edinburgh.

It is not a physical player or App but a combination of HTML code that interacts with a web browser. The physical page for the player is on our web platform and gives the user a portal like experience enabling them to select Karaoke Songs from a menu structure. There are No adverts – No cookies – No fees – No registration - No downloads when using the player.


The XL Player size is perfect for larger Tablets, Smart TVs, PCs and Monitor’s. (The Mobile version is on our Website).

The Player operation is very simple:

1 - select Playlists.

2 - choose a Playlist.

3 - choose a song.

4 - the song should auto play.

Please note that these are professional Karaoke Songs and they will have a lead in time of up to 10 seconds. This is how the Songs are formatted. The songs listed in the Playlist are linked to a Karaoke producers YouTube Channel. They are open to the Public.

XL Wide Player has the Playlist and Info to the right of the Player screen. The selected Playlists can be viewed while a song is playing.

In all players the selected playlist is scrollable.


For optimum performance use directly in the Smart TVs browser. Do not use an app within an app as a gateway to the internet: e.g. a web browser on the Amazon TV platform as this will have an adverse effect on the viewable area and the functionality of the Atomik tv Karaoke Player. Tablets and PCs work great straight off the intenet. Touch screen and scrollable devices are a breeze to operate. Mirror a screen, extend a screen there are lots of options to get the Atomik tv Free Karaoke Player right for you. Use Bluetooth and wireless for a cable free connection.


We added this to our Karaoke Player in February 2023 to enhance the users experience.

In a professional Karaoke environment, the Host (operator) should be able to play background music at a desired volume between Singers to keep the party atmosphere going. So we have done this here for YOU! The Karaoke Player element is loaded with links to Karaoke Songs as explained above and the Background Music Player is loaded with MP3 songs from our Website. In both cases you need a decent internet connection to make it all work. The Song that is playing is highlighted in PINK with the other songs in white. You can scroll and select or select next track button. You can pause and play as desired between Singers or just have a spot of dancing. The Player has a volume control that can be adjusted to suit.


Use the Atomik tv Karaoke Player with other devices to create a truly professional Karaoke experience that would rival an expensively priced hired system.


Why did we create the Atomik tv Free Karaoke Player?

As a company we moved in to the Karaoke medium in 1990 and we have made that a very successful part of our business. We are repeatedly asked if we hire out Karaoke Systems for self-op use, which is something that we do not do. And being very conscious of the cost of hiring a system during this Cost of Living Crisis and on the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic the player was re-born as a NO COST option for having a Karaoke House Party in YOUR HOUSE whenever fancy it!

The Player, currently has more than 360 songs in its Playlists and we intend to add more Playlists with more songs soon. You can keep up to date and follow us on -







Print all the Songs on a compatible device - link PRINT

Atomik tv Karaoke Player by

Atomik Disco, Edinburgh, UK.


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