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Our DJs have put the SMILE on

so many Happy Smiling faces

over the years!

Without a doubt, the busiest part of our business is - Birthday Parties.

We say the most important day ever is your Birthday. Without your Birthday you would not be here! Go on, Celebrate Yourself.

Week after week after week our DJs are helping to make another Birthday Party an unforgettable success. Parties like -


And other ages too - no matter the age we have a Birthday Party DJ for you.

Our DJs will always create a great party atmosphere with the music that they will play.

Our DJs have great personalities and they are so approachable, so easy to talk to - they will make you feel completely at ease - and they will never forget who the Party is for!

The DJ will play a selection of music suitable for all ages and tastes attending the Party. And they are also very happy to take and play suitable requests on the day of the Party, or if you’d like, you can send us a song list in advance. You can if you wish, make your Party a musical theme.

Themed Events

Our DJs are also brilliant for Themed Events too. Like a 60s; 70s; 80s; 90s; 00s; Soul; Disco; night. Our DJ will keep you dancing all night long to an array of unforgettable songs - the classics that tickle your feet and make you SMILE.

Make new and ever lasting memories at whatever Party or Event you have with an Atomik Disco DJ.

Specialist DJs for every occasion!

We are absolutely confident that you will not be disappointed in our DJs.

We have a small group of highly experienced DJs - young and mature, male and female that specialise in all different types of mobile disco and karaoke entertainment; from Children’s Parties to Corporate Events and absolutely everything else in between - with expertise second to none!

Let’s get Your Party started -  

on any day or night!

Think of a party, any party, the possibilities are endless. Think of a child, think of a christening, think of a birthday, think of a school, think of a college, think of a university, think of a graduation, think of a job, think of a sport, think of a hobby, think of an engagement, think of a wedding, think of an anniversary, think of a retirement, think of a get-together, think of a party - any party!

Can you think of another one?

We can think of lots more - the possibilities are endless!

You will always get the right DJ playing the right music when you hire Atomik Disco for your Party.


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